The Washington pastor who has been battling COVID-19 has posted a new video with an update on his condition, expressing “deep, deep gratitude” for the prayers and care he has received: “God bless every one of you.” At times in the video, he is overcome with emotion.

He describes how he thought his case, like many, would be mild or asymptomatic. But then came “a major setback.” He was hospitalized for 11 days.

He tells how he was treated for the illness, and says his latest tests are all negative. As he puts it: “COVID has left the building.”

Msgr. Pope also denies the reporting about him from The Washington Post and repeats his message to his flock: “Do not be afraid.” At one point in the video, he also disputes reports that quote him on a radio show calling some who are staying home from Mass “lukewarm.”

Check it out below.

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