Just wanted to offer a brief coda to last week’s post, about my wife being diagnosed with COVID. 

All is well: this morning Siobhain took a home COVID test and it turned out negative. 

Can I hear an “Amen!”?

We aren’t completely out of the woods; she has a mild cough and the two of us are continuing to mask up in our building, at church and in shops around the neighborhood. But she feels much better.  She left the apartment to buy groceries and do laundry. Life is more or less back to normal.

Praise God.

Among other things, this means I can once again sleep in my own bed and not spend the night tossing and turning on our sleeper sofa in the den.

Thank you all for your good wishes and, especially, your prayers — I know they helped!

Finally, folks: please be vigilant in the days and weeks ahead, as the weather warms and more of us let down our guard. Need a booster? Get it. Think you have just a cold or allergies?  Get tested. And masks do help. Simply wearing a mask can do a lot to keep this thing contained.

Our doctor says Siobhain’s symptoms were relatively mild because she is fully vaccinated. That made all the difference. Since her diagnosis, we’ve also upped our intake of Vitamin C and D. That probably helped boost her immune system and speed her recovery.

It’s been said that the two most popular prayers are “Help help help,” and “Thank you thank you thank you.”

That is my prayer this week, to the God whose mercy endures forever: Thank you, thank you, thank you.