Heavenly Father:
At the dawn of time,
You gave mankind a home.
You created a lasting homeland for your chosen people in Israel.
You pitched a tent among humanity in the person of Jesus Christ
and you provided a humble place of shelter for your newborn Son
in a world that had no room for him.
So, we come before you this day, in wonder and gratitude,
standing at the threshold of a new beginning,
preparing to move into a new house.
This is our prayer:
In your boundless generosity, shower your blessings upon this house.
Make this not only our dwelling place, but also yours.
Good and gracious God,
within these walls,
enkindle in our hearts
a spirit of welcome to all who arrive at our door…
a spirit of faith to all who doubt…
a spirit of fellowship to all who feel alone or lost.
Bless our days here with laughter and contentment,
health and hope.
May we never forget,
even during times of hardship and sorrow
this abiding truth:
wherever we live,
you are our roof and our floor,
our shelter and our foundation.
By your grace, may we grow gently into old age,
and live our days here full of thanksgiving and joy.
Finally, help us every day to serve within these walls,
as ministers of your domestic church,
prayerful witnesses to your grace at work in the world,
until that blessed day when are called to our final home,
the place prepared for us,
where we pray to dwell with you forever.