Seven men were ordained as permanent deacons for the archdiocese June 19 at St. Patrick’s Cathedral. The Mass of Ordination was celebrated by Cardinal Dolan, who also served as homilist.

“So here we are, everybody, not in Jerusalem but in New York,” said the cardinal in his homily during the morning Mass, speaking about he and other Church leaders continuing the works of the apostles.

“We continue to invite them to serve at the table; to serve at the table as deacons…This archdiocese welcomes you. We love you very much; we need you. And we praise God this morning for continuing to call men to serve at the table. Deacons are called to serve at the table, the table of the Holy Altar.”

The cardinal went on to speak about St. Joseph, noting how Pope Francis dedicated this year to Christ’s foster father.

“St. Joseph is the ultimate man at the table,” the cardinal said. “He was a carpenter; he was called to construct tables. He was a man of few words, and you deacons will have few words at the Table of the Eucharist; few but important.”

Auxiliary Bishop Edmund Whalen, vicar for clergy, assisted Cardinal Dolan in the ordination rite, saying, “Holy Mother Church asks you to ordain these men, our brothers, to their responsibilities to the diaconate…We choose these men, our brothers, to the Order of the Diaconate.”

The cardinal replied, “Well, relying then on the help of our Lord God, and of our Savior, Jesus Christ, we then choose them, our brothers, to the Order of the Diaconate. Thanks be to God; thanks be to God.” This was greeted with loud applause by the congregation.

“Welcome our new brother deacons,” Cardinal Dolan said.

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Congratulations, brothers, and welcome! Ad multos annos!

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