That’s the provocative and intriguing title of an exhibition at the Notre Dame Center in Jerusalem, the final hotel where we stayed during our visit to the Holy Land last month. During our last afternoon in Jerusalem, my wife and I took some time to explore the exhibit. There’s no charge, and when we dropped by we were the only ones there.

From the center’s website: 

Notre Dame Center features a free exhibition on the Holy Shroud of Turin which helps visitors understand “Who is the Man of the Shroud” in light of the most recent scientific studies performed on it.

The exhibit features an original replica of the Holy Shroud, an in-depth explanation of its history as well as models of the crown of thorns and other instruments Jesus endured during His Passion.

It also includes a life-sized statue that illustrates in a powerful way what the body in the shroud looked like.

Among other things, you see replicas of the nails and the whips.

And you see that the crown of thorns wasn’t a band, but more like a helmet.

It’s a fascinating and illuminating exhibition. During this holy week, it makes for a worthy meditation on Christ’s unimaginable suffering, and the price paid for our redemption.

We adore you, O Christ, and we bless you, because by your holy cross you have redeemed the world …