If you followed our adventures in March of 2023, wouldn’t you like to join us in May of 2024?

It’s happening.

I’ll be leading another merry band of pilgrims to the Holy Land on May 20-31, 2024, following the same itinerary we undertook in March.  You’ll have a chance to visit the birthplace of Jesus, his hometown of Nazareth, the places where he taught and walked and healed (including the shoreside village of Magdala). Wade into the waters where Jesus was baptized in the Jordan River and renew your own baptismal promises.

You will walk the Way of the Cross in the early hours of the morning in a deserted Jerusalem and then touch the rock that tradition tells us held the cross on which Jesus died. See where he taught his disciples how to pray, where Mary stayed when she visited Elizabeth, and rise early in the morning to take an unforgettable boat ride across the Sea of Galilee to experience what it was like to be a fisherman in the time of Christ.

It is really the trip of a lifetime.

Check out this link for details. 

Words I heard from some of our travelers included adjectives like “incredible,” “life-changing” and “unforgettable.” I really think it’s the sort of trip every believing Christian should make at least once. You will never read the gospel the same after you’ve been to the places where it all happened.

Want more? Take five minutes and watch the video below, put together by my friends at Select from pictures we pilgrims took during our trip. It captures so much of what was wonderful about this experience.

Hope to see you on the road to Galilee!