From Vatican News: 

Beginning Sunday 2 October at 9 pm, a special video showing the life of St. Peter will be projected onto the façade of St. Peter’s Basilica.

“Follow me” is part of a new “Art and Faith” program organized by the pastoral side of St. Peter’s Basilica to examine and contemplate the life and influence of the great saint.

The projections will run every day from Sunday 2 October to Sunday 16 October, lasting approximately 8 minutes.

The video project “Follow Me” is the first leg of the “Art and Faith” program, and invites pilgrims to visit the Basilica and make the pilgrimage to the Tomb of Peter.

Proposals for the initiatives include various lectures on the saint, and spiritual itineraries to places where St. Peter visited and walked in the city of Rome.

They provide visitors with multiple opportunities to encounter St. Peter and meditate on his human and divine experiences.

The hope is that by encountering St. Peter in these places, and through these experiences, pilgrims may be inspired by the example of the saint to live fully in meeting with the Lord, leaving renewed.

The video illustrates who St. Peter was by reviewing important moments in Peter’s life, including his call to follow Jesus as a disciple, his missions and his martyrdom.

Read more. You can check out a preview of the projections below.

Some may remember when a similar event took place a few years back, paying tribute to wildlife: