This is something wonderful.

Over the weekend, two young women professed their first vows with the Daughters of St. Paul. Sr. Orianne Dyck and Sr. Allison Gliot. The photo above shows them the day before, receiving their habits. The happy man behind them is Deacon Ed Gliot, Allison’s proud father.  He serves at St. James Catholic Church in Falls Church, Virginia.

Congratulations to all!

Read more about the Pauline vocations here. Pray for these sisters!

And can I just say how much I love the cross they receive as part of their habit? It’s a radio tower and an open book.

I once told a sister I would love to have one — it’s perfect for a Catholic communicator! — and she told me, “Okay, but you have to become a Daughter of St. Paul first.”

Like what you see?

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