I’m pleased to announce a virtual event next weekend, November 5 and 6.  I’m privileged to be a part of it — and you can be, too!

This is an ambitious undertaking, sponsored by Our Sunday Visitor and The Deacon magazine, featuring a variety of recorded presentations and live interviews, all exploring the inner life of the deacon.

Need a break? Something to jump start your spiritual batteries? Look no further.

As the website puts it:

It’s easy to feel stretched thin as a deacon. With parish committees, family, pastoral work, administrative tasks, and professional commitments, there are a lot of things to juggle.

Amidst it all, it can be easy to lose focus on the most important thing to living our vocation well.

More than anything, the Church today needs her deacons living their vocation through an ever-deepening interior life.

This event is for deacons, deacon candidates, deacon wives — and, really, anyone interested in the spirituality of the fastest-growing vocation in the United States.

Presentations include:

  • The Write Stuff: Writing and Preaching as a Bridge Between the Deacon’s Heart and the World with Deacon Greg Kandra, creator of the blog The Deacon’s Bench and Senior Writer and Editor for the Catholic Near East Welfare Association
  • Grounding Diaconate Spirituality in the Origins of the Order with Deacon Dominic Cerrato, Editor of Deacon Magazine
  • Listening with the Ear of Our Heart: Serving the Spiritual Life with the DYNAMIC DEACON, Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers, Catholic Speaker and Evangelist
  • How does God communicate with us inside and outside of contemplative prayer? ​with Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ
  • Courageous Humility and the Future of the Diaconate with Deacon Bill Ditewig, Former Executive Director, Secretariat for the Diaconate, USCCB
  • On Earth as It Is in Heaven: The Three Pillars of Liturgical Piety for Deacons​ with Fr. Daniel Dozier of Byzantine Catholic Seminary
  • Let the Word of Christ Dwell In You Richly: Practical Insights for Interiorizing the Word of God with Dr. Stephen Fahrig of Kenrick-Glennon Seminary
  • Listening for God: Discovering and Developing a Deeper Relationship with God​ with Teresa Tomeo

And a lot more!

Check out this website to register and learn more.