“Since we all must die, we should cherish a special devotion to St. Joseph, that he may obtain for us a happy death. All Christians regard him as the advocate of the dying who had honored him during their life, and they do so for three reasons: First, because Jesus Christ loved him not only as a friend, but as a father, and on this account his mediation is far more efficacious than that of any other Saint. Second, because St. Joseph has obtained special power against the evil spirits, who tempt us with redoubled vigor at the hour of death. Third, the assistance given St. Joseph at his death by Jesus and Mary obtained for him the right to secure a holy and peaceful death for his servants. Hence, if they invoke him at the hour of death he will not only help them, but he will also obtain for them the assistance of Jesus and Mary. “

– St Alphonsus Liguori

As Joseph Ratzinger nears the end of his earthly journey, we lift up a prayer to his patron saint, during this season when we celebrate the birth of Jesus and remember the humble carpenter who welcomed the incarnate God into his home.

Beloved St. Joseph, grant this servant of the servants of God, Pope Emeritus Benedict, the joy of your consolation and the peace of your presence. Intercede on his behalf before the God you loved and the son you raised, Jesus. “Sustain him in his testimony of love for the Church until the very end” and, we pray, open your arms to welcome this child of God, another Joseph, into eternal life. Amen.

O Blessed Joseph, you gave your last breath in the loving embrace of Jesus and Mary.

When the seal of death shall close my life, come with Jesus and Mary to aid me. Obtain for me this solace for that hour — to die with their holy arms around me.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I commend my soul, living and dying, into your sacred arms.


Memorare to St. Joseph

Remember, O most pure spouse of the Virgin Mary, my beloved patron, that never it has been heard that anyone invoked your patronage and sought your aid without being comforted. Inspired by this confidence I come to you and fervently commend myself to you. Despise not my petition, O dearest foster father of our Redeemer, but accept it graciously.


— From Befriending St. Joseph