Photo: Jenny Frazee/The Leaven

From The Leaven: 

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann said he is hoping that with the ordination of the largest group of permanent deacons in the history of the archdiocese on June 20, there will be a little something in it for him.

A vacation!

“The first seven deacons were ordained so that the apostles could devote themselves to prayer and more to the ministry of the word,” the archbishop said in his homily.

“So,” he continued, “with the ordination of this third cohort of deacons for the archdiocese, I’m hoping I should be able to take a vacation now.”

“Always remember,” he added, “that one of the original purposes of the order of deacon was to make the life of the bishop easier.

“The people God are counting on my prayer life and my homilies improving because of your assistance.”

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Congratulations, brothers, and welcome! Ad multos annos!