I certainly didn’t expect this: a brief cameo by a penitent and a confessional in a commercial for M&Ms during Sunday’s Super Bowl.

Early reports about the commercial completely missed the Confession Connection:

The spot sets out to prove that M&M’s can improve any awkward situation, covering encounters like airline seat-pushing and baby gender reveals gone bad.

Then comes an exchange between two white women in an apartment lobby.

“Sorry I called you Karen,” one them says, handing the other a bag of M&M’s. “That’s my name,” Karen responds. “Sorry your name is Karen,” the woman says, handing her another bag of the treats.

If you missed it, check out the ad below.  While the timing could not have been more perfect — the penitential season of Lent is just 10 days away! — the fact that a lot of people give up sweets for Lent is, well, an “awkward situation.”