That’s one way they’re marking the beginning of Lent in the Diocese of Sault Ste. Marie in Canada: 

While our churches are expected to be permitted to reopen next week across Northern Ontario, there still remains a capacity restriction as well  as parishioners who feel uncomfortable returning at this time.  Bishop  Dowd is encouraging all Catholics to still celebrate Ash Wednesday –  the beginning of Lent.

Parishioners who cannot attend Mass on Ash  Wednesday are asked to go to the parish (between February 17 and February 28) to pick up blessed ashes and  a prayer service brochure, and pray at home with the members of your household.

Click here to read the decree from the bishop.

Click here for the brochure and prayers.

It notes:

We do not want to let the COVID-19 pandemic get in the way of this important day. The official liturgy of the Church allows for the distribution of ashes to take place outside of mass. Each parish will celebrate the blessing of the ashes on Ash Wednesday. Then, if a household or school would like to celebrate this ritual, they may obtain a small sample of the blessed ashes, and may use this ritual pamphlet to distribute the ashes locally.

Normally the actual distribution of ashes is limited to Ash Wednesday itself, but it is possible that local situations make this difficult. Households or schools are therefore welcome to do the ceremony any time in the month of February following Ash Wednesday, as close as possible to the actual day so as to preserve its meaning. The leader may be any Catholic adult. For households and schools with non-Catholics present, they are welcome to also receive the ashes if they ask for it voluntarily or (for children) their parents or guardians allow for it.

Once the ritual is completed, the remaining ashes should not be thrown out. After all, they have been blessed by God. They may be returned to the local parish, or buried in the ground in a respectful manner.

I’m not aware of this practice being endorsed or promulgated in any dioceses in the United States — but if you do, please let me know.