CNN’s Brian Stelter had a remarkably civil conversation with Eternal Word Television Network host Montse Alvarado, as they discussed the Catholic perspective on the Supreme Court’s possible overturn of Roe v. Wade.

Alvarado joined Stelter on Sunday for Reliable Sources — where she said her network’s focus in the aftermath of the Supreme Court’s bombshell leak is to facilitate conversations on what might happen if federal protections for abortion rights are rolled back. She referred to those who have expressed uncertainty about what the consequences might look like.

“We want to look at those real stories and let people make up their own minds,” Alvarado said. “Finding the truth, like you said, that is our mission from the Catholic lens.”

Alvarado emphatically enunciated the Catholic Church’s pro-life position on abortion, even as she lamented that “Making the decision about abortion is one that has been tainted by misinformation from the right and from the left.” Stelter asked Alvarado to explain what is “What is the misinformation from the right?” She answered by suggesting the media is advancing the idea that Justice Samuel Alito’s leaked memo foreshadows a full ban on abortion.

“That’s a big, big, big mistake the media is making,” she said. “It doesn’t end there. That’s the beginning of a discussion that has been stilted. The democratic process stomped on this issue on the minute Roe was decided by seven men.”

You can read more and watch video of the conversation here.