Among the BBC’s “list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2021”, is a Catholic nun from Myanmar.   Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng of Myitkyina, the capital of Chin state, showed incredible courage in the face of great danger on February 28, when she went down on her knees and spread out her arms before the security forces, pleading with them not to attack the unarmed protesters sheltering in the clinic where she serves the sick.

The 45-year-old nun belonging to the local Sisters of St. Francis Xavier was ordered to leave immediately, but she stood her ground, saying, “Just shoot me if you want to. The protesters have no weapons and they are just showing their desire peacefully.” The video of her daring act went viral on social media, with various media networks, including the BBC, giving her coverage.

“The Catholic nun became a symbol of Myanmar’s protests following the military takeover” of Myanmar in the coup of 1 February, the BBC said. “The photo of her with her arms spread wide facing heavily armed police officers went viral on social media in March 2021, and won her widespread praise,” the broadcaster wrote, including her among 31 women in the category of politics and activism.

“Sister Ann Rose Nu Tawng has openly spoken of protecting civilians, especially children. She has trained as a midwife and has led a life of service for the past 20 years, recently looking after Covid patients in Myanmar’s Kachin state,” the BBC added.

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