Beloved St. Joseph,
You found shelter for Mary
and made a welcoming home for your adopted son Jesus in Nazareth.
Hear our humble prayer this day.
As we offer our home for sale, we ask this:
in your generosity and wisdom,
gently guide to our door a new family to live in this place we love.
May they have some small share of the joy
that has filled our days in this place.
And may they find here all they need:
A floor of faith,
Walls of strength,
A roof of protection from every storm,
Doors that open to welcome the stranger
Windows that let them see the wider world.
With your skill as a carpenter,
help them to build within these walls
a family, a history, a life.
May it be a place where meals are shared,
anxieties are eased,
tears are dried,
laughter is spread
and where prayers of thanksgiving and love are whispered without ceasing.
O generous St. Joseph,
as God blessed us with this home,
we ask that you intercede and help God’s blessings to pour out on others seeking a place to call home.
Accompany us all on this journey,
as we pray to be together one day
in our eternal home.
We ask this through Christ our Lord,