Well, yes.

With the news that some members of a “covert” Catholic wedding in San Francisco now have COVID-19, maybe this is an idea whose time has come.

The press release: 

Wedding technology company Joy today announced a COVID Wedding Calculator to help couples whose weddings are being impacted by the coronavirus.

The COVID Wedding Calculator asks couples to enter their wedding details, indicates the level of changes that may be necessary to their plans, and provides an overview of changes to consider making.

“Thousands of weddings have been postponed or canceled due to COVID-19, and couples with weddings through mid-2021 are expressing concern over the coronavirus’ impact to their plans,” said Joy’s Vice President of Marketing, Stacy Wakefield. “During these uncertain times, our goal is to provide couples with the tools and information they need to make decisions they feel confident in.”

The Calculator accounts for concerns shared by couples during focus groups, wedding date, guest count, venue type, whether air travel is required, and more. Its methodology is based on public health guidelines, social distancing recommendations, gathering size limits, travel restrictions, and predicted vaccine availability.

After viewing initial results, couples can modify responses to map out scenarios and the changes needed for each, to develop a plan they feel comfortable with.

“We conducted a nationwide survey in May which found that nearly 50 percent of 2020 weddings were postponed until 2021,” said Wakefield. “Based on how the data is trending, we expect that by the end of July, 75 percent of 2020 weddings will be postponed to 2021.”

Joy’s survey* found that 76 percent of couples now plan to have micro-weddings, 65 percent would incorporate a live stream for their wedding, and 73 percent will hold their weddings locally rather than travel.

You can try it out at this link.