This is just great.

This photo went viral last week and caused a sensation. The story, from The Columbia Missourian: 

In Columbia, anyone in need can stop in for a bite at Goldie’s Bagels, free of charge.

As part of its “Whoever Needs, Come and Eat” initiative, Goldie’s has given out free meals since its opening in 2020 for those unable to pay. If a customer cannot pay, Goldie’s staff charge the meal to its “neighbor account,” which other customers pay off by donating to.

Customers are able to donate to the account using card or cash in store, said Amanda Rainey, owner of Goldie’s…

… Rainey said charitable giving is a cornerstone of her religion. In the Jewish faith, the ethical obligation to give is called Tzedakah.

It’s considered a higher form of Tzedakah to not know the recipient of your donation, Rainey said.

“So it’s like, a different interaction than giving to someone on the street,” Rainey said. “I think there’s a little bit more dignity in receiving (anonymously).”

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