Scott Hahn posted this on Facebook today, from the page of Allan F. Wright, who describes what happened when a consecrated host fell on the floor during Mass:

During distribution of Holy Communion this morning at my school, Koinonia Academy, a host (the Eucharist) fell on the floor. Father Sebastian consumed the host and placed the corporal ( white cloth) on the spot where it had fallen. After Mass Fr. Sebastian CFR, got down on his knees, cleaned the area where the Eucharist had fallen with some water, dried it with the corporal, and then kissed the floor. A simple and beautiful act of reverence which only heightened the reality of the real presence of Jesus in that little white host which Catholics believe is the actual body of Jesus. I have a feeling that his action of kissing our dirty gym floor where the host landed and the image of him kneeling there will stay with me longer than his homily, which was good, or the rest of the day’s activities. Such reverence always make me think of how I treat others who are also the body of Christ.

A humbling opportunity to reflect:

How do we reverence the Eucharist? 

How do we reverence “others who are also the body of Christ”? 

What can I do today to honor the Real Presence in my world?