I happened to drop by the Diocese of Orange website today and — long story — wanted to see what they had online regarding the diaconate and deacons.

I visited the VOCATIONS section of the site. Here’s what I saw:

Deacons are not included in vocations.

Let that sink in for a moment: deacons are not included in vocations. 

It took some hunting. I finally surfed around and found the tab for Ministries and Services. I clicked on that and there were the deacons, listed alphabetically, right between Courage and Ecumenical and Religious Affairs. 

I hate to be That Guy. But come on.

Dear Diocese of Orange: you can do better than this.

At least think about it. Okay? Thanks.

UPDATE: I got an email Friday afternoon from Deacon Frank Chavez, Director of the Diaconate Office in Orange.

He wrote:

From the “recruiting” perspective, we have not found it necessary to be a part of the vocations section. Every two years, pastors (plus parochial vicars and deacons through their pastors) are invited to nominate men they would recommend for diaconate formation. These men and their wives (if they are married) are then invited to enter the discernment/selection process. There has never been a lack of nominations of good men and women in our process. If someone calls the vocations office regarding diaconate, they are referred to us. Likewise,  if a man calls our office, he is encouraged to contact his pastor. You do identify a good issue regarding the perception of the diaconate as a vocation (clergy) as opposed to a ministry. You have prompted us to contact our vocations office to explore how the diaconate can also be included in their section.