This development caused quite a stir yesterday: a leading Catholic music publisher evidently used a painting depicting a leading symbol of the Mormons on the cover of a missal.

And Oregon Catholic Press this afternoon issued the following statement on Facebook: 

Dear Partners in Ministry, we have heard your concerns, we admit our error and we apologize for the cover art on the 2021 Respond & Acclaim and Music Issue. When we chose it, we were unaware of the association with the Mormon angel Moroni. Upon further reflection, we should have done more research, and we apologize for this embarrassing mistake. We would never knowingly use an image that is not authentically Catholic on our publications. We are working to finalize a plan to make things right for our customers and to ensure this never happens again. Again, we apologize for any offense this has caused, and ask for your forgiveness, prayers and Christian charity. Once we have a plan in place, we will be following up with affected customers to make things right.

You can read the full background on this story here. 

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