From The Catholic Post in Peoria:

Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen will be introduced to a whole new generation if Sean Patrick Fahey and Dieterich Gray have anything to say about it.

The central Illinois natives have spent the last six years getting to know Fulton Sheen and developing “Wolves & Sheep,” which they envision as a 12-part series that will explore his life. The pilot is written, as is much of the second episode, and they have a detailed breakdown for the rest that could be translated into scripts easily, said Fahey, who grew up in Peoria and is now a filmmaker based in Minneapolis.

“What I’m passionate about Fulton Sheen is his ability to appeal to a wide audience — cast a wide net that appeals to everyone,” he said of the sainthood candidate’s work on “Life is Worth Living.”

“He wasn’t relying on dogma to drive his story. He was appealing to the common man, the common woman, using the eloquence and wit that he had naturally with his well-honed ability to be a great orator,” Fahey said.

Gray, who is from Galesburg and now works as an actor in Los Angeles, called Sheen “an empire builder,” noting that as the director of the Society for the Propagation of the Faith he literally built churches and schools, as well as fostering the faith of the people he served.

“There hasn’t been a week since 2014 when we haven’t had a conversation about Fulton Sheen,” Fahey said.

While their research and writing has produced thousands of page of work, he said it doesn’t feel like an effort. “It feels like fun.”

…The son of Mary Ann Fahey-Darling and the late Deacon Dennis Fahey, Sean attended St. Vincent de Paul School in Peoria and was an altar server there and at St. Martin de Porres Church (now St. Joseph). He attended the University of Illinois to study finance, but soon got involved in the independent film scene in Toronto and has worked as a writer, producer and director in Chicago and Los Angeles.

Gray is the son of Deacon Rod and Idalee Gray of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Galesburg. He went to Illinois State University and earned a degree in fine arts with a focus in theater, film and television.

They both moved to Los Angeles at the same time for work, but didn’t really get to know each other until they attended a housewarming party for a mutual friend.

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