Address of bishop to seminarians: include everyone in your ministry (Chicago Catholic) “We have a great pastoral challenge before us. Radical hospitality has to be a goal of parish life and the new evangelization. Among our objectives should be the effort to proactively spot any unfamiliar faces and provide a warm welcome. We must support such efforts to embrace anyone seeking spiritual belonging…”

Marion Moses, doctor of Dorothy Day and aide to Cesar Chavez, dies at 84 (The New York Times) Marion Moses, who as a trusted aide to the farm workers’ leader Cesar Chavez promoted a nationwide boycott of table grapes and helped create a health care system for impoverished grape pickers, died on Aug. 28 in San Francisco. She was 84. The cause was heart failure and renal failure, her brother Maron Moses said…

Biden can’t count on Catholic vote (The Washington Times) Catholic voters have an opportunity in November to help elect only the second Catholic president in U.S. history in former Vice President Joseph R. Biden, but already the more devout followers are lining up behind President Trump…

Bruce Springsteen’s pep talk to Boston College students (CNS) When asked about the role of faith in his music, Springsteen acknowledged that he has had “an ambivalent relationship” with his faith. He said he would probably call himself a lapsed Catholic, noting that he “went to Catholic school for eight years, and it almost cured me of Catholicism permanently.” Even though he thought he could walk away from his faith after those eight years, he said he couldn’t. “I was wrong. I really couldn’t. I could walk away from my religion, but not my faith,” he said. He also said his faith has “remained with me, informing my writing, affecting the language that I wrote in and the themes I wrote about…”

Commentary: Catholics must resist government’s repression of our right to worship (The Washington Post) I never expected that the most basic religious freedom, the right to worship — protected so robustly in our Constitution’s First Amendment — would be unjustly repressed by an American government. But that is exactly what is happening in San Francisco. For months now, the city has limited worship services to just 12 people outdoors. Worship inside our own churches is banned. The city recently announced it will now allow 50 for outdoor worship, with a goal of permitting indoor services up to a maximum of 25 people by Oct. 1 — less than 1 percent of the capacity of San Francisco’s St. Mary’s Cathedral

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