From website of the Diocese of La Crosse: 

Statement Regarding Father James Altman

Bishop William Patrick Callahan and his diocesan representatives have spent over a year, prayerfully and fraternally, working toward a resolution related to ongoing public and ecclesial concerns of the ministry of Fr. James Altman, Pastor of St. James the Less Parish, La Crosse. The obligation of a Bishop is to ensure that all who serve the faithful are able to do so while unifying and building the Body of Christ. Bishop William Patrick Callahan, in accordance with the norms of canon law, has issued a Decree for the removal of Fr. James Altman as Pastor of St. James the Less Parish. The Decree is effective immediately and for an indeterminate period of time. During this time Fr. Altman, must refrain from exercising the function of pastor.

The Diocese of La Crosse will be working over the next weeks to arrange for the ongoing pastoral care of the parishioners of St. James the Less Parish.

The Bishop and all the leadership of the Diocese asks for the consideration of respect, safety and prayers at this time for all involved.

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