An actress who was the “girl in the red coat” in “Schindler’s List” has turned real life heroine by coordinating help for fleeing Ukrainian refugees.

Oliwia Dabrowska appeared in Steven Spielberg‘s 1993 classic aged just three – her red coat providing the only flash of color in the black-and-white Oscar winner.

Her character, a little Jewish girl, was the catalyst that saved the lives of more than 1,200 Jews destined for Nazi concentration camps in 1943.

And now Oliwia, 32, from Krakow, Poland, has taken inspiration from Oskar Schindler and is helping those fleeing war-torn Ukraine.

She told followers on social media she was coordinating a group of volunteers who are helping refugees as they arrive at the Polish border.

She said she has already found homes for ten families and ensured hundreds more refugees are transported to major cities in Poland.

Oliwia posted a photo of her wearing a yellow high-vis jacket at the border, with a line of coaches behind her.

Livestreaming on Instagram, she said: “I don’t wait for things and no one from our group of volunteers wants to hear thank you, we just do our job.

“The people need help and we give them help. I really care about every single person on the border.

“I found a home for ten families, also… I can’t count how many transports for refugees from the border to mostly Krakow…and other places in Poland.

“I will do everything I can, I will never forget these people, those faces, those eyes, I will never forget what I’ve seen.”

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