Could this lead to his canonization?


As Connecticut Catholics approach Easter, the faithful are flocking to tiny Thomaston following a report of a miracle. That apparent miracle is now being investigated by the Archdiocese of Hartford.

“We had something happen,” said St. Thomas pastor, Father Joseph Crowley during a Sunday Lenten Mass just two weeks from Easter. He addressed his congregation just minutes after the apparent miracle took place.

“What happened is our Lord multiplied himself,” said Fr. Crowley.

FOX61 was the only TV station allowed inside St. Thomas Church just days after Eucharistic wafers, which Catholics believe transform themselves into the body of Christ, reportedly multiplied in a blessed serving vessel called a ciborium during communion.

… Speaking exclusively to FOX61, Archbishop Leonard Blair says the church’s investigation may involve a scientific or forensic analysis of the communion hosts.

“I’m sending out an experienced Priest who has a knowledge of church or Canon law,” explained Archbishop Blair. “They will follow a procedure to examine what happened, under what circumstances and by whom.”

Blair told said the outcome of that investigation will determine if he needs to notify the Vatican.

“The guidelines for these kinds of situations do call for me to notify the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome,” said Blair.

Throughout the entire 21st century, there have only been four Eucharistic miracles recognized by the Catholic Church.

The most recent was in 2013 in Poland where a host that fell on the floor was put into water to dissolve. It became streaked with red stains that were tested and found to contain fragments of the heart muscle.

St. Thomas Church is the church where Rev. Michael McGivney once served. McGivney has one previous miracle attributed to him. He was beatified in 2020 and given the title “Blessed”. If a second miracle is attributed to him, it could set him on a path to being canonized as a saint.

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