This report and video caused a stir on social media over the last 24 hours.

On Saturday the pastor of the church, Fr. John Trout, issued a statement: 

Dear Parishioners,

The faithful are always welcome to gather in Church for personal prayer as individual or as a group. At the same time, in accord with sound liturgical practice and in keeping with archdiocesan norms, which I personally confirmed with the Cardinal, the recitation of prayers must never interfere with, interrupt or distract from the public liturgy of the Church. Nor can it ever become an imposition on the rest of the faithful in the Church who have a right to remain at the end of Mass to pray privately as they wish. It is also important that such prayers must always foster the unity of the Church, which is guaranteed by the Successor of Peter, for whom we never fail to show our deepest respect and devoted support as our Holy Father.

Fr. Emanuel, the associate pastor, wishes to state that he misspoke at a recent Mass when he falsely attributed statements to Cardinal Cupich. For this reason the video of that Mass has been removed to avoid any confusion.

With gratitude,

Fr. John Trout, Pastor

CNA has a report with additional context and reaction from parishioners.


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