Father of wonder and miracles:
This is the night.
Tonight, your Church announces the scattering of darkness,
the hope of eternal dawn, the resurrection of your son!
As I prepare to stand before you and before your sons and daughters
to proclaim this Good News,
Give me the grace to remember I do not do it alone.
I stand in the company of angels.
I stand outside the empty tomb with the women who saw and believed:
those first holy heralds of the resurrection.
I stand tonight with all who have gone before me,
those deacons who have sung your praises in grand cathedrals or humble huts,
in parishes and chapels and temples made of stone or straw,
declaring to a waiting world: “This is the night!”
Father, you gave a voice to all of them,
who then gave voice to your loving mercy.
I ask tonight only this:
Oh God, who created me to serve, help me serve your people this night.
Help me give voice to your enduring love.
Grant me courage to face the darkness
and joy to proclaim what your people yearn to hear:
that life conquers death,
that hope vanquishes despair,
that your son Jesus Christ has risen!
Heavenly Father, by your grace and mercy, we begin again.
This is the night when we remember how everything changed.
I give this moment to you in humble gratitude for all you have given to me,
and for making all things possible.


From A Deacon Prays (Ave Maria Press)