From Crux: 

In a surprise move, Pope Francis on Holy Thursday celebrated the Mass of the Lord’s Supper – one of the most sacred liturgies on the Catholic calendar – at the private apartment of Italian Cardinal Angelo Becciu, who resigned from his post earlier this year at the pope’s direct request.

According to an article published on the Italian new site Faro di Roma by veteran Vatican journalist Francesco Grana, the pope celebrated the Mass in the chapel of Becciu’s apartment at 5:30 p.m. Thursday Rome time, roughly a half hour before the Vatican’s own celebration began, which Pope Francis did not attend.

A Vatican source spoke to Crux about the Mass at Becciu’s apartment, saying that while they cannot speak to the pope’s private commitments, “a gesture of paternity like this on a day like this, Holy Thursday, does not seem strange to me.”…

…Becciu, the pope’s former chief of staff, was asked by Pope Francis in September to resign both from his post as head of the Vatican’s department for saints, and from his duties and responsibilities as a cardinal.

No reasons for the unusual move were given. However, in an impromptu press conference the following day, Becciu said he had been accused of embezzlement, and that as a result, the pope had lost confidence in him.

Becciu’s ouster was interpreted by many as an attempt by the pope to act on his continuing reform of Vatican finances, as it is widely believed Becciu is tied to a shady contract between the Vatican’s Secretariat of State and a swanky London property, as the deal was made in 2014, when Becciu was still in his role as sostituto, effectively the pope’s chief of staff.

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