In a press conference held on Tuesday in the Sala Regia of the Vatican’s Apostolic Palace, the Vatican revealed the official logo for the upcoming Jubilee year.

The then-Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization, now contained within the new Dicastery for Evangelization, was entrusted with coordinating the Holy See’s preparations for the Holy Year 2025 with the motto: “Pilgrims of Hope.”

The former Council’s President, Archbishop Rino Fisichella, revealed the logo and reminded that as preparations begin within the Church for the Holy Year, their Dicastery launched a competition, open to all, for the logo’s creation.

A total of 294 entries were received from 213 cities and 48 different countries, he said, noting participants ranged in age from 6 to 83.

During the judging, the works were identified only by a number so that the author remained anonymous.

On June 11th, Archbishop Fisichella submitted the three final projects to Pope Francis to select the one that struck him the most.

“After looking at the projects several times and expressing his preference, the project of Giacomo Travisani was chosen,” Archbishop Fisichella said.

Giacomo Travisani, present this evening, reflected on what motivated his submission. He said how he had imagined all people moving forward together, able to push ahead “thanks to the wind of Hope that is the Cross of Christ and Christ himself. ”

The logo shows four stylized figures to indicate all of humanity from the four corners of the earth. They each embrace one another, indicating the solidarity and brotherhood that must unite peoples. The first figure is clinging to the Cross. The underlying waves are choppy to indicate that the pilgrimage of life is not always on calm waters.

Because often personal circumstances and world events call for a greater sense of hope, a description of the logo says, the lower part of the Cross is elongated turning into an anchor, which dominates the movement of the waves.

Anchors often have been used as metaphors for hope.

The image shows how the pilgrim’s journey is not individual, but rather communal, with the signs of a growing dynamism that moves more and more toward the Cross.

“The Cross is not static,” Fisichella suggested, “but dynamic, bending toward and meeting humanity as if not to leave it alone, but rather offering the certainty of its presence and the reassurance of hope.”

The Jubilee 2025 Motto, Peregrinantes in Spem is also clearly visible in the color green.

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