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A nice summer surprise!

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Bishop Koenig presided at the ordination of 15 permanent deacons in the Diocese of Wilmington at a Mass at St. Joseph’s Church on Aug. 7.

Bishop Koenig was joined by Bishop Emeritus Malooly, Msgrs. Steven Hurley and David Kelley, Father John Grasing, other priests and deacons and parishioners, family and friends from the diocese for the two-hour service.

“Relying on the help of the Lord God and our savior, Jesus Christ, we choose these men, our brothers, for the order of the diaconate,” Bishop Koenig said during the service.

“On a personal note,” Bishop Koenig said in his homily, “as one who has just been recently ordained and installed as our bishop here in our diocese and will be conferring Holy Orders for my first time, it is very reassuring for me to know that in ordaining 15 men, I will be ordaining more deacons today than Jesus had apostles.”

In remarks at the closing of Mass, Bishop Koenig told the 15 married men that he spoke with their wives before the celebration.

“I assured them the men will be listening to every word they say,” he said in drawing laughter from the gathering.

“I thank you. I know the sacrifices you’ve made. You’ll always be in my prayers.”

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Congratulations, brothers, and welcome! Ad multos annos! 

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