Photo: Michael Mickel/The Catholic Virginian

From The Catholic Virginian: 

Bishop Barry C. Knestout ordained 15 men to the permanent diaconate Saturday, Sept. 25, instructing them to “be stewards of God’s mysteries.”

Joined by more than 700 people at the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart, Richmond, including 36 priests, 48 permanent deacons and additional congregants via Facebook and YouTube, the bishop provided a catechesis on the development of the diaconate.

Referencing the liturgy’s second reading, Acts 6:1-7b, in which the apostles call forth the deacons, Bishop Knestout said, “The apostles want and need to devote themselves to prayer and word; sacrifice is their priority, yet they also must ensure that the good works of the Church are properly expressed and not neglected.”

The bishop noted that this was part of a “movement inspired by the Holy Spirit flowing from prayer — the ministry of the Word, toward love —the ministry of the altar, and toward action — the ministry of charity.”

He compared it to the Holy Spirit bestowing his presence and inspiration on the disciples as a response to their prayerful plea and openness to God’s work in them.

“This movement — the progression — impels them to assist the apostles and go into the world with the work of evangelization, of worship, and charity,” Bishop Knestout said…

… The newly-ordained are: Deacons Joe Badalis, John Carey, Michael Carlucci, Kirk Collins, Steve Cottam, Jose Cuenca, Mark De La Hunt, Daniel Derringer, Liem Do, James Findley, Hoang Le, Lawrence Mikkelson, Myes Pocta, Domingo Torres and Gregg Whisler.

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Congratulations, brothers, and welcome! Ad multos annos! 

It bears mentioning that Bishop Knestout approaches the diaconate from a personal perspective. He’s one of the few bishops in the United States — my pastor is another — who is himself the son of a permanent deacon.

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