WWJD? I think he’d do this.

Check out this emotion-filled clip from a Little League game this week in Oklahoma.

More of this, please. This is simply great sportsmanship.

From CNN:

The pitcher for the Texas East Little League team hung his head, clearly upset after his last pitch hit the 12-year-old Oklahoma batter in the head, knocking off his helmet and leaving him lying in the dirt at home plate.

But Isaiah Jarvis, who at first had gripped his head, soon recovered. He was OK, and the crowd at the Little League Southwest Region championship in Waco, Texas, applauded as he stood up and took first base.

Back on the mound, though, Kaiden Shelton was still shaken. That’s when something amazing happened: Isaiah stepped off the bag, walked to the mound and wrapped his arms around the pitcher, letting him know he was all right.

“I wanted to go over there and spread God’s love and make sure that he’s OK, and make sure that he knows that I’m OK and that I’ll be OK,” Isaiah told CNN Wednesday morning, appearing on “New Day” alongside Kaiden.

Check it out below. Kleenex required.