This may be my favorite story of the month — maybe of the whole pandemic. God love her.

From The Daily Mail: 

A dedicated Oklahoma churchgoer hasn’t missed a service since the pandemic started, tuning in every Sunday for virtual church.

But even though Dr. Laverne Wimberly, 82, has been attending Metropolitan Baptist Church in Tulsa online, she hasn’t left behind her Sunday best, and dresses up to the nines every week to sit in front of her computer.

‘I just decided at that point I’m just going to get dressed as if I was going to church, so I would not get into the habit of just slouching around,’ the chic worshipper told WVLT.

When Dr. Wimberly’s Baptist church moved Sunday worship online last March 29, it was an adjustment — but there as no doubt that she’d be there.

Though many people who have been attending church, school, and work virtually in the past year have embraced the opportunity to do it all in pajamas or loungewear, Wimberly decided not to get into the habit of dressing down on Sunday mornings.

So every weekend before services started, the teacher, principal, and school administrator would dress up in a different snazzy — and color-coordinated — outfit, complete with a large matching hat, plenty of jewelry, and makeup.

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