A couple months back, I posted the story of the kidnapping and murder of a seminarian in Nigeria. Now, the alleged killer has given an interview, explaining why he did it:

The leader and mastermind of a kidnap gang that murdered a Catholic seminarian, Michael Nnadi, of the Good Shepherd Major Seminary in Kaduna State, has told of how he killed the young priest [sic] who he said demonstrated outstanding bravery. He said the deceased kept preaching and told him to his face to change his evil ways or perish from the day he was abducted alongside his colleagues.

The suspect, Mustapha Mohammed (aka Mairutuwa), said from the first day Nnadi was kidnapped alongside three of his other colleagues, he did not allow him to have peace as he continued preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to him even when he knew they were not of the same faith. He said he did not like the confidence displayed by the young man and decided to send him to an early grave.

He also said they decided to invade the school because they knew it was a seminary and that they would make good money.

The suspect, who spoke with Daily Sun in a telephone interview in Abuja, is currently in the custody of the police. He revealed that his gang had gotten information about the seminary from a gang member who is a commercial motorcycle operator and lives very close to the school. He said it took his colleague about five days to conduct proper surveillance on the school before they embarked on the operation.

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