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Louisville Archbishop Joseph Kurtz announced Wednesday he’s cancer-free following a five-month treatment plan.

In a new video posted on Kurtz’s blog Wednesday, the archbishop said 2019 had been challenging but that his parishioners’ prayers kept him going.

He first announced in July he’d been diagnosed with bladder cancer and spent several months undergoing treatment for it in North Carolina, though he swore on his blog he isn’t changing allegiance to Duke.

“My allegiance with the ACC continues to be Louisville,” Kurtz said.

“I think I thought I’d never get sick,” he said in the video and that his “unique form of cancer” was something that “had to be taken very seriously.”

The Record, which is published by the Archdiocese of Louisville, reported in mid-September that a seven-hour surgery was successful and he’d be returning to Louisville in late October after completing chemotherapy, which he said caused him no major physical reactions except blood clots.

He got the results of his surgery right before Thanksgiving, he said Wednesday, and “it showed that there was no evidence of malignancy.”

He’ll continue immunotherapy treatments every three weeks, he said, and every three months he’ll have a CT scan taken “in order to ensure there’s a clean bill of health.”

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