I’m humbled to once again be a part of an extraordinary undertaking that is going to bring comfort to a lot of people this season: a new collection of homilies in the “Homilists for the Homeless” series, collected and edited by Deacon Jim Knipper of Clear Faith Publishing.

For the last few years, this series of books has gathered together the work of preachers, clergy, catechists and writers of all stripes to raise funds for a variety of charities. Money raised from this year’s book, Thirsty and You Gave Me to Drink: Homilies and Reflections for Cycle C, will support charities devoted specifically to providing water for those in need, including Thirst Project, Water for People and Clean Water Fund. 

This year’s writers feature once again a wide array of preachers, including Father Greg Boyle, Father Richard Rohr, Megan McKenna, Father James Martin, Rev. Penny Nash, Robert Ellsberg, Deacon Bill Ditewig … and me.

As my friend Jim Knipper notes in the introduction:

From our first book, which contained fifteen authors from a wide base of Christian clergy and laity, we have expanded our base of contributors to over thirty-five, providing greater depth and diversity in the ways these gospels can be broken open for our readers. Many of us have heard these gospels time and time again over the years, possibly missing the ways that they can open our eyes, our hearts, and our souls to the great love God has for all of us—and how to share that love with those in our lives.

The secondary goal of these award-winning books has been to financially support charities that do the work of feeding, sheltering, and providing counsel for those in need. Now, in the middle of the second series of books, which follow the Roman Catholic Liturgical Cycle, we have donated over $100,000 across the charities listed in the back of our books.

I’m proud to be a part of this ongoing project that was launched by a deacon and that is truly — in spirit and in execution — diaconal. Year after year, this effort continues to witness to the Gospel — loving and caring for those who are so often in need. It is Matthew 25, done with paper and ink (and a significant amount of heart.)

Want to share a gift this season that can truly make a difference? Here you go.

Visit this Amazon link to order your copy — and offer a drink to those who thirst.

Visit this link at Clear Faith Publishing to learn about other books in the series, and discover other works that are part of Clear Faith’s growing catalogue of beautiful and inspiring books.

And thank you!