A Catholic bishop used his time on the pulpit Sunday to tell his Oakland parishioners that he was robbed at gunpoint last weekend.

Bishop Michael Barber revealed the incident as he spoke to the congregation at Cathedral of Christ the Light in Oakland.

In video first broadcast by NBC Bay Area, Barber tells the congregation that as he was taking a walk near his home Saturday and saying the rosary, “a man pulled a gun on me, pointed it at me and said, ‘Give me your wallet,’ I was terrified.”

He then said the attacker wanted the ring that he was given when he was consecrated by the archbishop.

“He saw my ring and said, ‘Give me that ring.’ I was afraid,” Barber said, according to the video. “I would rather have my life. So I gave him the ring.”

Oakland police confirmed the bishop reported the armed robbery and that the case is being investigated.

According to the NBC report, the robbery happened outside the Paramount Theatre on Broadway.

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