At the end of 2022, before the ball fell, an important piece of news dropped: the launch of OSV News. 

You may remember the announcement from several months ago:

One of the oldest and most trusted names in Catholic media in the United States, Our Sunday Visitor, Inc. (OSV) announced today that it will launch OSV News, a new Catholic news service, on January 1, 2023. Subscribers to the new service will access OSV News at, the current site of Catholic News Service (CNS). The announcement was made by OSV Publisher Scott P. Richert at the annual Catholic Media Conference in Portland, Oregon.

“After the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops decided to bring the domestic operations of Catholic News Service to a close at the end of 2022,” Richert said, “we started talks with the USCCB and have reached an agreement to acquire rights to the platform that CNS uses to produce and distribute its content. Current subscribers to CNS who sign up for OSV News before the end of the year will have a seamless experience as CNS closes its domestic news service on December 31 and OSV News launches on the same site the very next day.”

Now, it’s here.

From the new website: 

Our mission is to champion the Church in its own mission of evangelization by providing subscribers with excellent, accurate and faithful content that forms, informs and inspires.

Our vision is to form disciples of Jesus Christ and make saints by serving as the preeminent provider of Catholic content in the world.

We provide our client publications with national, international, Vatican, in-depth and Spanish-language news content, feature stories, media reviews, commentary columns, kids content, photos, podcasts, videos and archival content from Catholic News Service and Our Sunday Visitor. We also provide content from Catholic content partners that include Vatican Media, Aleteia and Real+True. Our subscribers also have the option to participate in a national ad network.

The new site has pulled together a host of journalism professionals and contributors. (Full confession: one of them, cough, is me. I’ll be writing pieces from time to time and offering scripture reflections twice a month, in rotation with Dr. Jem Sullivan from Catholic University.)

Curious? Take a moment and take a look. Stroll around. Subscribe. Honestly? This couldn’t have come at a better time, as the world turns its attention to an historic event in Rome and takes stock of a monumental life.  OSV News is well-positioned to tell the Catholic story credibly, accurately and fairly.

Having been involved in quite a few media launches over the years, I think OSV News is off to a terrific start. Congrats to Editor-in-Chief Gretchen Crowe and her team! I’m grateful they invited me to come on board, and proud to be a part of this.