Let’s hear it for Mark Woodley, ladies and gentlemen:

Anyone who has ever seen a local news broadcast during a winter weather event knows the drill — a meteorologist inside showing you the radar, at least one reporter live from a vehicle talking about road conditions and one (or several) reporters on the street, telling you just how cold it is in their location and advising you, the viewer, to stay home.

But one intrepid sports reporter stuck on winter weather watch in Waterloo, Iowa, decided to throw in a little snark with his outdoor updates.

Mark Woodley of NBC affiliate KWWL made several hilarious quips throughout the hours-long morning show he was tasked with helping on Dec. 22. After (finally) wrapping his live hits, Woodley decided to put together a supercut of his snarkiest moments throughout the day.

Check it out below.

CNN interviewed him about all this, too. A star is born.