From The Boston Globe: 

Women’s Health Services, which has provided abortion and family planning services in Greater Boston for nearly three decades, has turned to a GoFundMe campaign to help keep its doors open.

It’s a Hail Mary move for the Brookline clinic, which will close within a few months if it doesn’t secure enough support from donors, according to the campaign. The campaign is still a good distance from its $250,000 goal, but has had an uptick in contributions after recent media attention. As of about noon Monday, the fundraiser had reached about $126,000 since it began on Dec. 2.

While a GoFundMe may seem like an unusual step for a for-profit clinic, Dr. Laurent Delli-Bovi, the clinic’s medical director and founder, said the clinic hasn’t been profitable since 2006, and in the past has relied on a variety of sources to stay afloat, like teaching or research participation.

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Did no editor at The Globe — The Boston Globe?! — realize the problem here?