Seriously. It happened Tuesday night.

Watch below.

The interwebs, understandably, went nuts: 

“How can those Jeopardy! nerds not know this answer. Have they never listened to Iron Maiden?” another wrote, referencing the 1982 heavy metal song “Hallowed Be Thy Name.”

Some self-proclaimed conservative Twitter users also appeared to express outrage.

“Not one contestant on Jeopardy last night knew the answer to this…..” wrote one user, whose tweet garnered more than 5,700 likes. “Are you waking up yet?”

Another tweeted that the incident demonstrates “how sad our country is becoming.”

A friend of mine noted, accurately. something else that’s wrong with this picture. He texted me:

The church is worried about a Eucharistic revival while the usual genius contestants on Jeopardy don’t know The Lord’s Prayer. Feel like we’re missing the call to evangelize the unchurched first.

And yet, as more than a few people commented: even atheists know at least the first few words of The Lord’s Prayer. Come on, people.