It happened in Memphis several days ago:

A 73-year-old clergyman who was attacked and carjacked outside his Orange Mound church says he forgives the teenagers who did it.

Walter Bolton has been deacon at St. John Catholic Church on Lamar near Kimball for 13 years. He said Tuesday was the first time he’s had any trouble there.

Bolton said the attack happened as he was leaving the rectory next door to the church at around 3 p.m.

“I went out the front door and looked around as I always do,” said Bolton.

Seeing no one, Bolton said he briefly turned his back to lock up, but when he turned back around, he noticed four teenagers walking down Lamar toward him.

“One of them yelled out to me, ‘Sir, do you need any help?’ Of course, I immediately told him, ‘No, I don’t need any help,’ ‘cause I knew what that meant. So I turned around to go back into the rectory and when I did, one of them came running up, grabbed me and threw me down the stairs,” said Bolton.

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