My friend Father Matthew Schneider posted this picture below on social media, showing a kiosk outside a chapel for Adoration. I was curious to learn more.

I’ve used software programs for scheduling lectors and EMHCs, but this is something altogether different and totally interactive, designed specifically for Eucharistic Adoration. All involved can make commitments and rearrange schedules from a phone, tablet or computer.

It’s called We Adore Him. The website says:

We Adore Him is the premier Eucharistic Adoration scheduling tool built to ease the burden of onboarding new adorers, automating substitution requests, and communicating with everyone.

The primary audience of this software is adoration coordinators. These generous folks are responsible for coordinating the adoration schedule, keeping open hours full of committed adorers, finding substitutes, tracking attendance, and more.

The task of finding substitutes, in particular, is very time-consuming! With We Adore Him, this job is fully-automated through our innovative Substitute Finder. An administrator’s intervention is only needed in the rare case that the software cannot find a substitute automatically.

Strictly speaking, your adorers don’t need to interact with We Adore Him. But, if they choose to, they can manage their commitments, request substitutes, and claim substitute requests. These self-service features significantly reduce the amount of administrative work needed by adoration coordinators.

So, what is We Adore Him?

It’s the administrative assistant that every Adoration Coordinator needs.

Among other things, the site says:

We Adore Him is not an app that people have to download to their smartphone or tablet.

Instead, it is a fully-featured website that works on any computer, tablet, or smartphone with a web browser connected to the Internet. There is no software to download or install.

Adorers can check in with the Adoration Check-In Kiosk. Administrators have instant online access to all real-time attendance records. This solution is the simplest way to track adoration visits.

The cost to use We Adore Him for most U.S. parishes is:

$49 per month (subscription fee)

1¢ per text message (usage fee)

2¢ per phone call (usage fee)

Emails are free!

Curious for more?  Check out the website and the demo video.

One drawback: older folks who just don’t use computers. (We have quite a few in my parish.) But I think for a lot of places this could be, truly, a blessing.