A couple years back, I offered a special gift for folks who became patrons of The Deacon’s Bench, and I’m pleased to roll out another opportunity this month: the May 2022 Book-a-Palooza. 

You can hop on board now, if you like, by visiting my Patreon page. 

Here’s the pitch: become a patron of The Bench, at any tier, and receive a signed copy of my new book, Befriending St. Joseph: Finding Faith, Hope and Courage in the Seven Sorrows Devotion (Ave Maria Press). Such a deal!  The book makes a great gift, especially for dads (Father’s Day is coming!) and if you join at higher tiers, you will also receive signed copies of other books to round out your Deacon Library (ha!) or to give to that special deacon or dad (or mom!) in your life.

Of Befriending St. Joseph, Elizabeth Scalia writes:

“I love this book. Through original prayers and meditations and perfectly wrought, imaginative narratives built on scripture and tradition, Deacon Greg helps us find this most silent of saints. No one is better than Kandra when it comes to sharing with us the small, nuanced points that are sometimes missed within the grand and ongoing pageant that is our salvation.”

And Joel Stepanek from Life Teen International says:

“Deacon Greg Kandra’s Befriending St. Joseph is an absolute gift for me as a young father, a working professional and a Catholic man striving to be holy.”

Curious? Click below to get the ball rolling.

On top of that, in the next couple weeks, I’ll be enhancing the Patreon offerings.

A regular feature of the blog, The Church Bulletin, a daily collection of Catholic links and news, will soon be available exclusively to patrons of The Bench. For a little spare change — starting at just 15 cents a day — you can have a steady diet of Catholic headlines AND help support this little corner of the internet, too! (Plus, you’ll get my book and have a chance to read about ways to befriend St. Joe. How cool is that?)

The Book-a-palooza offer will be going on throughout the month of May.

Above all else, I just want to say a big “thank you” to everyone who has supported this effort with donations, subscriptions, shared blog posts and, especially, prayers. You’ve helped me, helped my online ministry, and helped others, by spreading the light of Christ in innumerable ways. You are always remembered in my prayers.Thank you!

Other enhancements are coming, including some tweaks to the design of my blog, and some new regular features. (I have to do something in retirement!) Stay tuned.

Meantime, let the Book-a-Palooza begin.