I’m pleased to announce something altogether new for me: an eBook. (A huge h/t to my friend Jeff Miller for putting this together!)

It’s called “Preaching Hope: Homilies of Good News in Hard Times,” featuring some of my reflections from the last 13 years, cobbled together for easy reading. It’s available in formats for Kindle, e-readers and PDF.

It features a foreword by my friend Elizabeth Scalia. She writes:

Hope is something real, something we need to always remember lives within the promise of the Incarnation.

In these homilies, you will see that reality communicated again and again by a deacon who preaches what he believes: that we are beloved of a Creator who knows us intimately, looks for us to look for him, and who has given us every reason to believe that – beyond our faults, and foibles, beyond our stubborn habits of sin and thoughtlessness – hope is ours, always and forever and for real, the promise that is alive, and never stops, at all.

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