Searching Joseph,
you journeyed far to seek shelter and security in Bethlehem,
only to find instead a place that had no room
for the savior of the world.

I can only imagine the disappointment and heartbreak
you felt watching the Son of God come into the world
as a pauper — with no true home,
and little shelter from the elements
or the hardship of life.

Anxious Joseph,
the sorrow you felt is the sorrow of every parent
dreaming of a better life for their children
and wishing things could be different.

But your steadfastness and faith remind us:
Trust always in God’s tender mercy!
Give thanks to him in all circumstances,
believe in his plan,
pray for his guidance,
ask for his consolation and strength.

Hopeful Joseph,
help me to gaze toward God in the darkest of nights,
and see the stars.
Teach me how to count my blessings,
numbering God’s miracles in my own life,
with humility and steadiness and faith.
May I always see in your example
a model of quiet confidence:
an example of fidelity and strength.
I ask this in the name of your son, Jesus,
who came into an unwelcoming world
to bring all of us a sense of welcome,
possibility and hope.

— From Befriending St. Joseph: Finding Faith, Hope and Courage in the Seven Sorrows Devotion