Almighty and merciful Father,
I pray this day as a prodigal,
beginning my long walk home.
As I mark the beginning of another Lent
and receive the mark upon my brow,
I resolve with your grace to make of these days
a time of prayer and penance, sacrifice and growth.
I am little more than dust — but I want to be more.
I pray to be more faithful, more forgiving, more patient.
I pray to be more by becoming less.
Help me to be less demanding, less selfish, less proud.
Teach me to live these days desiring only to draw closer to you.
Yes, I am little more than dust — but I know you can help me be more —
more tender, more compassionate, more generous,
more of the disciple you made me to be.
Beginning this day, I resolve to give up some of what I enjoy,
To give to others in need.
Yes, I am little more than dust.
I remember that what is now ashes
Was once a blazing fire.
By your grace, help reignite that fire within me
and keep me forever a child of your light.

— from A Deacon Prays