The Pillar got hold of a draft text and noted this: 

It is not clear whether synod delegates will debate a section of the draft text which says that “different positions have been expressed regarding women’s access to diaconal ministry” — even while Pope Francis made headlines this week for comments which seemed to rule the prospect out.

The draft says that “for some, this step would be unacceptable because they consider it a discontinuity with Tradition. For others, however, granting women access to the diaconate would restore the practice of the Early Church. Others, still, discern it as an appropriate and necessary response to the signs of the times, faithful to the Tradition, and one that would find an echo in the hearts of many who seek new energy and vitality in the Church.”

Sources close to the synod say that while that section is technically accurate, it does not reflect their experience, that a very small number of delegates have spoken in favor of women’s ordination to the diaconate, while arguments against the idea have generally received popular support.

There’s much more about other issues in play. Read more.

A final text will be published after the meeting closes Saturday. Stay tuned.