A heartbreaking story out of Yorkshire, England:

The daughter of a “gentle family man” and devoted church deacon has paid a heartfelt tribute after he died suddenly from coronavirus.

Neil Bailey, 47, had been struggling to breathe in March and was admitted to A&E after also having a high temperature and a constant cough.

He was later discharged and spent the next eight to nine days recovering in bed before showing signs of recovery.

However, on April 4, his condition deteriorated suddenly, and after deliberating whether or not to call an ambulance, he died in his home in Doncaster which he shared with his wife Doreen, 56.

His only child, Katie Bailey, 24, said: “It came out of the blue because he was getting better. The day before he’d gone downstairs and was watching films and playing with the dogs and he seemed a lot better.

“Then on April 4 it was just really sudden and he passed away at home. They were trying to decide whether to call an ambulance because he didn’t feel great.

“He said ‘let me have 10 minutes, have a drink and see how I feel’ – but he didn’t get those 10 minutes.

“It was like he fell asleep and that was it. That is the only way to describe it and I just hope it was painless.”

…Katie said: “He devoted his time to helping those who needed help and people always used to thank him for giving them a second chance. He gave the best advice, helped people through tough times and always believed in second chances.

“He would do whatever he could to help his parishioners at church and he was so warm and kind. He was so devoted to church and he didn’t do anything else apart from that and work.”

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Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord …